Call for NT Legislation to Ban Tattooing Minors

Call for NT Legislation to Ban Tattooing Minors

Co-owners of Darwin City Tattoos, Mim d’Abbs and Blue Selwyn have been calling for Northern Territory Legislation to change. The Northern Territory is the only one left out of Australia’s states and territories that has not banned tattoos on minors.

If you aren’t old enough to vote or to buy alcohol or cigarettes, it shouldn’t be legal to get a tattoo.

Darwin City Tattoos has a strict “No Minors Policy”. Clients must produce current, valid photo ID such as their drivers licence or passport.

There is always horror stories when it comes to under-age and backyard tattoos. The profession should be left to the professionals.

Mim lobbied the government back in 2010 to bring in an “over 18 policy” when it comes to tattoos. Unfortunately, they didn’t listen.

NT News picked up a story about this very problem, you can read it here:

If you want to help make a change to the legislation, please write to the government with your concerns: